AI Startup Residency Program

Learn what it takes to ship an AI hardware product in the fast pace of a startup.

About our program

Our AI Startup Residency is a one-year product-focused research position.

You’ll develop, build and optimize machine learning, computer vision, natural language, and perception algorithms for autonomous robots. You’ll also play an integral role in the product development process and other aspects of building a company from the ground up.

How our program is different

Our residency program focuses on product development.

Unlike other residency programs that focus on conducting and publishing research, our program places a heavy emphasis on the process of refining and engineering research into a product customers want. Take multi-touch technology for example: It was first invented in 1982 at the University of Toronto, but Apple reinvented and commercialized it as a part of a revolutionary product in 2007.

This is the real deal

Being product-focused requires building algorithms and hardware that work reliably with high precision in a myriad of different environments.

We consider failure cases and how they might impact user experience and safety. Real-world applications guide our target; simply having state-of-the-art results may not be sufficient to deliver an experience people find compelling, and in that case, we’ll work to make a 10x better solution.

What you will get out of the program

You’ll work with our engineers to develop multidisciplinary algorithms that will be used in the final production robot.

At the end of our one year program, we hope to equip you with a highly specialized knowledge of developing reliable, scalable and optimized algorithms and hardware to ship a product.