Our mission is to build robots that save people time and energy.

We believe we can combine novel algorithms with existing sensors to create truly autonomous machines that work for us.

We are a team of entrepreneurs, engineers and designers with a history of building great products, and we are looking for more people to join us.

If you're interested in building robots from the ground up, drop us a line at jobs@matician.com.

Matician is made up of Navneet Dalal, Mehul Nariyawala, Gavin Li, Seungho Yang, Pravin Bhat, Douglas Chen, Kyle Dhindsa, Anshuman Kumar, Vishal Jain, Kalli Bonin, Akhil Jakatdar, Jacob Strieb, Ambarish Balakumar, Praveen Batra and Thi Bui.

We're based out of 430 Sherman Ave in Palo Alto.

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